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At Kuipers Breeders , we are on a mission to redefine the poultry industry in Ghana. With decades of experience, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest European genetics. Our chicks are European quality backed by decades of expertise, and bred with state-of-the-art, technology, all right here in Ghana. We are committed to sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, and securing a brighter future for poultry farming. Join us in shaping the future of poultry farming.

When it comes to poultry expertise, we are in a league of our own. Choosing us is a testament to your commitment to quality and success. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a promise, it’s a vision. With our sourced genetics we are not just producing day-old chicks, we’re elevating the entire poultry industry. 

The exceptional genetics we offer

We present you with two exceptional layer breeds, the Lohmann Classic Brown , known for its exceptional brown egg production, and the Lohmann LSL White, celebrated for its white egg production. These breeds have showcased remarkable performance across various housing systems making them an ideal fit for our Ghanaian market. 

In addition to our layers, Kuipers Breeders provides high-quality broiler day-old chicks originating from the parent stock located at our farm in the Netherlands. Our broilers are renowned globally for consistent high growth rate, exceptional feed efficiency and superior meat quality.


Benefits beyond compare

What sets us apart? It's not just about the breed; it's about performance, adaptability, and well-balanced behaviour. Our chicks thrive across diverse enviroments and exhibit calm behaviour, minimizing stress and maximising their performance.

Exploring excellence with the aid of advanced technology

At Kuipers Breeders, our dedication to creating value for our poultry farmers starts with the cutting-edge machinery we employ. From state-of-the-art incubation technology to advanced genetics, we are setting new standards in poultry farming. We prioritise biosecurity by limiting farm visits, but you can explore our farm and processes virtually through our website, discovering the excellence that underpins our steadyfast focus on delivering only the best in the industry.

Why choose Kuipers Breeders for high-quality chicks and expert support?

Kuipers Breeders provides chicks with proven genetics, excellent health, and full vaccinations before transport. Their expert guidance ensures a successful outcome, making them the preferred choice for initiating a high-performing flock.

Proven Genetics

Kuipers Breeders offers proven genetics for high-performing chicks

Fully Vaccinated & Healthy

Originate from exceedingly healthy and fully vaccinated parent stock

Accompanying Guidance

Kuipers Breeders provides accompanying technical and farming guidance