Our History

A Legacy of Excellence in Poultry Farming and Breeding

History and evolution of a Dutch poultry farming company

7 augustus 1954.JPG

Farmhouse in 1954

The company’s long history in farming within the Netherlands and beyond dates back more than seventy years, the Kuipers family built the farm in 1939 in Dalfsen.

In 1949 Jurjën Coenraad Kuipers Sr and his wife Gerritje Verwoert moved from the village of Barneveld to the family farm and built the first poultry house, their aim was to produce manure for the fields as well as eggs and meat for the local community. 

In 1991, Ruth, the youngest son of Jurjën Sr, together with his wife Ans, moved into the farmhouse, which had become a mixed dairy, pig, and layer farm by that time. In 1999, he made a big decision by focusing more on breeders and expanding the farm. After that, the company grew strongly through the construction of new houses and acquisitions.

Jurjën Coenraad Jr, the son of Ruth and Ans, inherited the passion for farming from his parents. He pursued farming and business education in The Netherlands and joined the farm in 2011. 


Kuipers Breeders: a legacy of excellence in poultry farming and breeding

The Kuipers family made a significant decision to specialize and concentrate on poultry breeding parent stock. This expertise has allowed Kuipers Breeders to export day-old chicks to West Africa and gain a strong reputation for producing high quality hatching. This expertise has allowed Kuipers Breeders to export day-old chicks worldwide.

Jurjën, along with his wife Ingrid and their children, currently resides on the farm. In addition to managing Kuipers Breeders, they have also ventured into raising beef and dairy cows. This expansion demonstrates their dedication to agricultural practices and their commitment to a diversified farming approach.


"As a Dutch company with a deep passion for Ghana, we pride ourselves on producing top-quality products using the latest Dutch technology and equipment within Ghana's borders."

Jurjën Coenraad Jr

Kuipers Breeders Ghana Managing Director