Premium day-old chicks from Kuipers Breeders farm

Welcome to Kuipers Breeders farm! Here, we utilize deep knowledge of day-old chick production to create premium chicks. We achieved this by finding a suitable, large site in Sege area, transferring Kuipers family's knowledge to Ghana, importing modern technologies and equipment from the Netherlands, and attracting global experts to construct and train local staff.

While we prioritize biosecurity and limit farm visits, you can explore our farm and process virtually through our website. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our Accra office or contact us for more information. Our top priority is maintaining the health of our parent stock and your chicks.


Rearing, first 18 weeks on the farm

Day-old parent stock chicks are imported and carefully checked before being placed in the brooding stable. It takes approximately 20 weeks for these chicks to mature and begin laying eggs, becoming our highly valued and productive parent stock..

We understand that the first weeks of a chick's life are crucial to their productivity, and thus, we equip the brooding house with heaters and a cooling system, ensuring the chicks have access to fresh water and premium starter feed. We also implement a lighting schedule to help the chicks adjust in their first days. Furthermore, the chicks undergo a carefully designed vaccination scheme to protect them from diseases and ensure their ongoing health.


Production of hatching eggs

At Kuipers Breeders Farm, we prioritize our laying hens' natural behavior in our specially designed laying stable. Our ratio of one rooster to ten pullets ensures almost all eggs are fertilized. We maintain a peaceful environment by dimming the lights and regulating the climate through large ventilators. Our software and equipment help us carefully monitor and control production in the layer house.


Prioritizing the health and comfort of parent stock

We take the health of our parent stock seriously and vaccinate them to maintain their wellbeing and transfer antigens to the chicks. We clean the house early in the morning at lower temperatures to optimize comfort for our parent stock.


More info on our vaccination procedure

Careful handling of eggs for hatching

After the eggs are transported via conveyor belt to a separate room, they are manually picked and checked. We separate brown and white egg production and place the eggs on hatching trays once they weigh at least 48g. From there, they are ready for transportation to the hatchery.


Efficient chick production

At Kuipers Breeders Farm, we take pride in delivering a steady and uniform supply of chicks. To ensure our chicks are of the highest quality, we implement a careful and controlled hatching process. From the moment the eggs arrive at our hatchery, they are handled with the utmost care.


Managing a steady, uniform supply of chicks

To manage a steady and uniform supply of chicks, we disinfect eggs upon arrival at the hatchery and store them in temperature-controlled rooms. Fertilized eggs can be stored for a period of time to accommodate delivery planning. Once transferred to the setter machine, eggs are turned and checked for proper development, a process called "candling."


Hatching process for high-quality chicks

After 18 days, properly developed eggs are placed in hatching baskets, and 3 days later, chicks emerge. Throughout the hatching process, we carefully control temperature and moisture to ensure high uniformity among the chicks.


Quality checks and vaccination for optimal chick health

At Kuipers Breeders Farm, we prioritize the health and quality of our chicks. After hatching, the chicks are carefully transferred to the chick handling room where our trained staff performs a series of essential tasks.

  • First, the chicks are sexed to ensure that only female chicks are selected for our layer chicks.
  • Next, they are thoroughly vaccinated to protect against diseases and maintain their health. The chicks are also subjected to a comprehensive quality check to ensure that they meet our strict standards.
  • Finally, the chicks are packed in single-use packaging to ensure that they remain healthy and protected during transport.

With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, you can be assured that you are receiving the best possible chicks for your farm.


Premium transportation for your chicks

We take pride in providing the best possible transport for our chicks. Our trailers are fully equipped and climate-controlled, ensuring that the chicks remain in optimal condition throughout the journey. As we produce the chicks in Ghana, they are truly day-old chicks when they arrive at your farm or chosen delivery point. Once you receive your chicks, it is important to take note of our "care for your chick" tips during transport and brooding.


Modern infrastructure for stress-free farming

At Kuipers Breeders Farm, we prioritize the well-being of our chicks and parent stock, which is why we have invested in modern infrastructure to keep the farm running smoothly. Here are some of the features of our infrastructure:

  • Own utilities: The farm is connected to the net, but we also have our own powerhouse with a current stabilizer and a generator that cuts in after 10 seconds of power disruption.
  • Clean and fresh drinking water: Water treatment is done through UV cleaning, ensuring safe drinking water for both birds and staff.
  • Biosecurity: To maintain the highest levels of biosecurity, no one enters the farm uninvited, and 24/7 security is in place to keep the birds and staff safe.
  • Comfortable facilities: Our staff is well taken care of with office spaces, canteens, laundry facilities, a guest house, vehicle parking, and more.