About Us

Contributing to a better poultry sector in Ghana

Kuipers Breeders Ghana's mission and services

Welcome to Kuipers Breeders Ghana. We specialize in breeding and hatching top-quality day-old chicks that are specifically tailored for the Ghanaian market and surrounding regions. Our mission is to foster a professional poultry sector in Ghana that enables farmers to earn a sustainable income while producing affordable and premium-quality animal protein for the local population. By providing excellent products and services, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of the Ghanaian poultry industry.


State-of-the-art facilities and commitment to quality

Kuipers Breeders Ghana employs cutting-edge techniques in combination with proven genetics to achieve our goals. We take pride in our newly established site, located at Amuyawkope in the Sege Area of Ada West in the Greater Region of Ghana. This site is home to our state-of-the-art hatchery and parent stock layer farm, which have both been fully operational since May 2023. Our advanced facilities are a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with only the best quality products and services.


A passion for Ghana

Jurjën has dedicated a significant amount of time to both exporting for Koudijs in Ghana and establishing an import business for day-old chicks from Kuipers Breeders into Ghana. His extensive experience has led him to the realization that promoting progress in Ghana can best be achieved by supporting locally established businesses that focus on protein production. When assessing the Ghanaian layer sector, he recognized the importance of providing high-quality layer feed and a reliable supply of premium day-old chicks to make a positive impact.


Partnership with De Heus Animal Nutrition

Kuipers Breeders Ghana has successfully established its farm and hatchery with the support of De Heus Animal Nutrition. De Heus is committed to promoting progress among farmers by providing them with optimal nutritional solutions and farming advice. The company's presence in Ghana guarantees a consistent supply of high-quality poultry feed and essential nutritional knowledge, which are crucial in successfully rearing both layers and broilers.


Why choose Kuipers Breeders for high-quality chicks and expert support?

Kuipers Breeders provides chicks with proven genetics, excellent health, and full vaccinations before transport. Their expert guidance ensures a successful outcome, making them the preferred choice for initiating a high-performing flock.

Proven Genetics

Kuipers Breeders offers proven genetics for high-performing chicks

Fully Vaccinated & Healthy

Originate from exceedingly healthy and fully vaccinated parent stock

Accompanying Guidance

Kuipers Breeders provides accompanying technical and farming guidance