Kuipers Breeders Seminar: Unlocking the Secrets to Profitable Poultry Success

05 July 2024
3 mins
Industry Recognition

Through these seminars, Kuipers Breeders reaffirmed their commitment to empowering poultry farmers in Ghana with knowledge, resources, and innovative solutions for sustainable and profitable poultry farming.

In March 2024, Kuipers Breeders hosted a series of enlightening seminars themed "Unlock the Secrets to Profitable Poultry Success" across three major locations in Ghana. The events took place on March 11th at Dorma's Gift FM Station, March 12th at Kumasi's Golden Bean Hotel, and March 15th at Accra's La Palm Hotel. These seminars provided invaluable insights and showcased cutting-edge innovations to empower poultry farmers for enhanced productivity and profitability.

Welcome Remarks and Introduction by General Manager Moses Yaw Aidoo

The seminars began with a warm welcome from Moses Yaw Aidoo, the General Manager of Kuipers Breeders. In his opening remarks, Moses expressed his gratitude to all attendees and introduced Kuipers Breeders as a leading name in the industry for day-old chicks. He emphasized the company's dedication to quality and innovation, which has positioned them at the forefront of the poultry sector. Moses also played a crucial role in ensuring that all necessary resources were available, contributing significantly to the seminar's success.

A Glimpse into Kuipers Breeders' State-of-the-Art Facilities

During the seminar, attendees were treated to a virtual tour of Kuipers Breeders' advanced facilities. This tour highlighted the company’s dedication to quality and innovative processes that set them apart in the poultry industry. The attendees got a comprehensive understanding of how these state-of-the-art facilities contribute to the production of high-quality day-old chicks.

A Legacy of Excellence and Commitment

Jurjen Kuipers, the Managing Director of Kuipers Breeders, delivered a compelling presentation on the company's history and enduring legacy. He emphasized the company's commitment to supporting Ghanaian poultry farmers with profitable business models. Jurjen’s passion for the industry was evident as he frequently remarked, "Farmers have the best job in the world as they ensure that families are fed," showcasing his dedication to fostering excellence in poultry farming.

Innovative Hatchery Practices

The seminar showcased Kuipers Breeders’ latest hatchery feature: Infrared Beak Treatment, developed by Nova-Tech. This technology offers a precise and automated alternative to traditional hot blade beak trimming, resulting in reduced pecking, improved feather condition, and enhanced welfare for birds. Dr. Sujit from Novatech led an engaging Q&A session, providing attendees with insights into this innovative practice.


Strategies for productivity

Additionally, the seminar covered strategies for enhanced poultry productivity, including recordkeeping, utilizing the five senses, emphasizing animal welfare, nutrition, biosecurity, continuous training, and seeking expert guidance. Munya Prince Chisvo, Kuipers’ Hatchery Manager, emphasized the importance of understanding poultry behavior, particularly the “Survival Mode.”


Disease management and prevention

Dr. Harrison discussed disease management and prevention, emphasizing proactive measures. His key points included identifying threats, cost analysis, biosecurity principles, and risk assessment. His memorable quote: “Prevention is better than cure!”

Lastly, Dr. Carlos highlighted the impact of quality feed on poultry health and productivity, emphasizing collaboration between Kuipers Breeders and De Heus Koudijs.

The chicken will take care of its body first before gaining weight or producing eggs.

Munya Chisvo

Hatchery Manager, Ghana

Farmers' Testimonials

The event concluded with heartwarming testimonials from satisfied poultry farmers, including Michael Newman, who praised the exceptional quality of Kuipers Breeders' products. Notably, the seminar was graced by Edith Akosah Wheatland, Ghana's Best Female Poultry Farmer of 2023, alongside numerous distributors and agents, underscoring the widespread impact and reach of Kuipers Breeders in the poultry industry.