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Pioneers in Poultry Excellence

With decades of excellence in the poultry industry, Kuipers Breeders understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing farmers. We are devoted to innovation, providing top-quality chicks, feed solutions, and comprehensive knowledge support to elevate poultry production across the nation. 

Elevating Poultry Production

This seminar is not just about information; it's about transformation. Leave equipped with the latest strategies and actionable insights to enhance every aspect of your poultry operation.

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What to expect during the seminar

Our seminar will address a wide range of factors crucial to building a strong foundation for poultry operations and enhancing farm-level success :

  • Chick quality and the importance of starting strong : Learn the best practices for chick management, including the importnace of light, ventilation, biosecurity, water and nutriion for optimal growth and health in the first week.
  • Vaccination and parent stock health: Understand the essential role of properly vaccinated chicks, debeaking, and high-quality parent stock in preventing disease and maximizing flock performance.
  • Profitable poultry farming business models: Explore ways farmers can increase profitability, which benefits the entire distribution network.
  • Nutrition and feeding practices for optimum meat and egg quality: Discover the latest techniques for maximizing production and quality.
  • And many more!

"As a Dutch company with a deep passion for Ghana, we pride ourselves on producing top-quality products using the latest Dutch technology and equipment within Ghana's borders."

Jurjën Coenraad Jr

Kuipers Breeders Ghana Managing Director

Your partners in poultry success

We don't just supply chicks, we fuel your growth. For decades, Kuipers has empowered poultry farmers with top genetics, cutting-edge solutions, and the knowledge to thrive.

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Why choose Kuipers Breeders for high-quality chicks and expert support?

Kuipers Breeders provides chicks with proven genetics, excellent health, and full vaccinations before transport. Their expert guidance ensures a successful outcome, making them the preferred choice for initiating a high-performing flock.

Proven Genetics

Kuipers Breeders offers proven genetics for high-performing chicks

Fully Vaccinated & Healthy

Originate from exceedingly healthy and fully vaccinated parent stock

Accompanying Guidance

Kuipers Breeders provides accompanying technical and farming guidance